Daily Blend

: 448 E Front Traverse City, 49686 MI
: (231) 932-1065

Why We Recommend

    It’s healthy, it’s fun, it’s delicious, it’s local through and through. And it’s on wheels! What’s not to love? The answer is nothing. Repeat after me, nothing! The Daily Blend makes eating well a way of life with its creative and crafty hot bowls, crisp salads, made fresh daily dips, refreshing smoothies, coffee drinks and more. Joyfully (yes, joyfully!) located at The Little Fleet on East Front Street, TC proprietors Troy and Whitney Daily serve up vegetarian, gluten-free meals with a little taste of Traverse City in every bite. daily blend little fleet        

What's Up Recommendation

The Daily Blend takes healthy living to the next level with their “blend bike”, a human-powered blender that whips up your favorite smoothies in a jiffy.  Where else can you, yourself walk the walk (or in the this case peddle the path) of mindful eating! Hop on and give it a try! Blend Bike Daily Blend

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