Earthen Ales

: 1371 Gray Dr., Suite 200 Traverse City, MI 49684
: (231)252-4270

Why We Recommend

What happens when two brewers fall in love? This is what happens: you start by brewing more beer than you know what to do with. Then you move on to talking about quitting your day jobs and opening your own brewery together. And then, if you’re lucky, that’s what actually happens. Contemplating our brewing future... Earthen Ales started out as Jamie and Andrew Kidwell-Brix, and we like to make beer. No, seriously. We really like to make beer, so we were making more than we could drink ourselves. So we invited over our friends, and still we had too much beer, so we decided we needed more friends, and that is where you come in. We opened Earthen Ales to share our beer with you, dear reader. And we will always be thankful to everyone that helped by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign! What kind of beer do we make? We like to brew beer that reminds us of places we’ve lived, places we’ve visited, and the friends we’ve made along the way. More importantly, we like to brew beer that brings people together here in beautiful Northern Michigan.

What's Up Recommendation

Sweetbrier Wheat Pale Wheat Ale - American 5.6% ABV Wheat ale reminiscent of picking blackberries on a summer afternoon. Juniper Rye Rye IPA 6.2% ABV Inspired by the traditional Finnish Sahti, our Juniper Rye is a balanced "up north" IPA with juniper berries and a hint of pine. A2 IPA IPA - American 7.5% ABV Assertive IPA brewed with a blend of American and European hops. Dos Serranos IPA - American 7.1% ABV IPA brewed with Michigan hops and roasted serrano chiles from Bare Knuckle Farm in Northport, MI.

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