: 236 E Front St Traverse City, 49684 MI
: (231)943-1555

Why We Recommend

If you’ve never had the pleasure of being invited over to a chef’s home for an anything goes, no-holds-barred culinary adventure, then you’ve never experienced the absolute joy of sitting down for a meal at Georgina’s. Just one look at their menu and you’ll know you are about to experience something truly unique—from Peanut Thai to Puerto Rican Lasagna and everything in between (and we mean everything!) Chef and proprietor Anthony Craig draws upon his family roots in Latin America, Asia, and the United States to craft fusion dishes that challenge your taste buds to redefine the very meaning of delicious. And for the less adventurous eaters in your family? Two words: Burgers and Tacos! The best you’ve ever tasted! Georgina’s is a restaurant you simply have to try again, and again, and again. Lunch or dinner, seven days a week. Their doors are open, and you’re always invited!

What's Up Recommendation

Asian Inspired Georgina's Ahi Seared Tuna: For the very pinnacle of fusion flavors, you have to try the Thai Seared Ahi Tuna. Served with Asian Kimchee, seaweed salad, and Colombian salsa. And if that wasn’t enough flavor, the whole thing is garnished with pickled jalapeno and red onion, and topped off with a side of rice and soy sauce. Delicious!!!   Latin Inspired Chorizo con Queso: You haven’t fully lived until you’ve tasted Georgina’s Chorizo con Queso! Really, it’s that good. Made of loose chorizo mixed with rice and two sunny side up eggs, and served with homemade crema, feta, beans, and plantain. You’ll need to set aside a whole hour to savor the experience. There is enough to make this two meals. That is, if you can resist the temptation to eat it all at once! chorizo1-300x169

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