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Close your eyes and picture yourself in Palermo, Italy on the cerulean shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Behind you, Mount Pellegrino stands watch upon an ancient city. You are surrounded by palm trees and seeped in history. Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans walked these same streets. It’s mealtime, and your senses are ignited with the scents and textures of Mediterranean cuisine. Aromatic herbs, olives, meats and cheeses: and of course, the freshest of fish- so fresh you can taste the ocean. Open your eyes, and let your taste buds guide you to PepeNero, and into the loving care of Giorgio and Monica Lo Greco. You may have never actually walked the streets of Palermo Italy, and you may not even be Italian, but at PepeNero you will experience the loving embrace of simple, genuine Italian food prepared and presented with the spirit and vitality of The Lo Greco’s home country. pepenero charcuterie  

What's Up Recommendation

Combine the best of Lake Michigan with the best of Southern Italian cuisine and order the Pesce Del Giorno. Each day, Giorgio selects the very best seasonal fish and prepares with the same passion and authenticity that you would be enjoying on the streets of Palermo. Allow Monica to pair the perfect wine and your meal will enter the realm of transcendence! pepe nero seafood

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