Pleasanton Bakery

: Cottageview Dr Traverse City, 49684 MI

Why We Recommend

Pleasanton is the quintessence of foodiedom. Simply put—everything they make is pure, authentic, and absolutely blow-your-hair-back delicious!!! As you gaze with amazement at their wood-fired oven, your first nibble of polenta rye will affirm why Food and Wine Magazine named them one of the Best Bread Bakeries in America. And who could blame them! To begin with, Pleasanton doesn’t use bakers yeast—not a stitch. Instead, they leaven their dough with a “starter” that has been nurtured and pampered for over 20 years. The resulting bread is easily digestible and nutritionally superior to all others. And did we mention DELICIOUS!!! Pinnacle among Pleasanton’s culinary creations are their wood-fired pizzas. Imagine the most sumptuous, mouthwatering crust known to man, stacked to the gills with the finest ingredients a foodie-town has to offer. The result transcends the very definition of pizza!

What's Up Recommendation

Forgive the broken record, but their pizzas are bucket-list-delicious! Don’t wait. Go to Pleasanton. Now. We mean it: they are just that good!!! Pleasanton Pizza

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